Chris Swank, thanks to Grip Ace, his own ingenuity and determination, can now legally ride a motorcycle with one hand. 



Grip Ace Applications for Handicapped Riders

The Grip Ace Digital Switch Kit is proving to be a godsend for motorcycle riders with disabilities who want to ride Motorcyles, ATVs and Personal Watercraft. The Grip Ace allows you to move all of the motorcycles switching functions to one location where they can be controlled by just one hand or fewer fingers. Riders with missing arms, legs, fingers and thumbs can now continue to ride and enjoy the sport they love.

Above, meet Chris Swank, the first Grip Ace user that went to the DMV and legally obtained his Motorcycle Drivers License with only one arm, thanks in part to Grip Ace which allowed him to move all his controls and switches to the throotle sideof the handlebars. This was a historical first time event in motorcycling for a consumer product.



The photos above, and the video below with Adam Schindel, will give you an idea of the different rider disabilities and applications that can be solved with Grip Ace Digital Switch Kits.